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  • I still want WHS because of the back-up and remote access features, but with all the problems people are having with data corruption I really don't want to take a chance.  I understand that the data corruption issue has been/will be resolved but again, I'd rather not take the chance.


    Could drives be added physically and not ever added to the pool? This way there's no fear of data corruption, and the files on the new drive could be shared over the network the "standard" way that you would with XP or Vista.


    Seems to me that you'd get the best of both worlds.


    1)No fear of data corruption on your media files.


    2)Media files won't be duplicated anyways so WHS offers no advantage there.


    3)Lower power consumtion than having a WHS box and a Media centre box on 24/7.


    4)Lower media hard drive use. Seems that the WHS hard drives are constantly going whereas the media drives would spin up once every few days when we watch a movie.


    5)Regular backups through WHS.


    6)Single place for storing user files like resumes, reports and such.


    7)Access over the web to user files. Media files won't be accessed over the web so that's not an issue.


    Is it possible to do this? If so, what's the downside?

    Monday, July 7, 2008 9:57 PM

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  • You can install a drive and not add it to the storage pool, but that drive can't participate in any Windows Home Server functionality. So you would have to manage shares and security yourself, data on the drive would not participate in Drive Extender's duplication features, and the space couldint be used for backups or as part of the storage pool. Since your server's shares would not be using the drive, nothing on the drive would be exposed through the remote access web site.

    My own opinion is that you should wait for Power Pack 1 which will include a patch for the file corruption issue. That shouldn't be too much longer.
    Tuesday, July 8, 2008 3:10 AM