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  • Hi All!

    So far, so good. Really loving my WHS on it's third day in my life!

    Now, I'm setting up everything I bought the machine for; this is to host my webapplications!

    I installed the applications succesfully (will write about it, on my own website ome-b.nl and will post it on the wiki on here 'couse it's brillant, a full functioning Oracle Database on WHS!) and now want to connect to the applications over the web (obviously).

    The problem is, I know nothing at all about WHS and IIS, so I will need you guys to pich in a bit...

    This is the thing:

    Let's say, I got three webapplications, running inside the Oracle database (the wonder called Oracle Application Express, short APEX) on the following URL's: and and

    I want them to be accessed over three completely different domain names, lets call them:

    apex2.com and

    I got all the domains registered and on a serviced DNS hoster that makes it possible for me to have complete control over the DNS settings / records. (types A, CNAME, MX, PTR and TXT). Here, I probably need to point all the URL's to the same IP (My own WAN IP address). The quastion remains:

    "How do I get the WHS and / or the DNS server to understand which URL to point to what URL inside the WHS machine?"

    I want the following (I know I really keep repeating myself, but better to be clear right wink.gif ):

    apex1.com: when accessed go to the application with inside URL:
    apex2.com: when accessed go to the application with inside URL:
    apex3.com: when accessed go to the application with inside URL:

    how do I set this in the WHS, IIS and / or the DNS server?

    I already came a bit further with this, noticed (by searching the web a lot) that I needed the default website only to listen to requests from myserver.homeserver.com and nothing else, and I set up a new website in IIS.

    Because the APEX applications are running in an Oracle Database we don't have any directories for us to select in the Home Directory section. Is it possible to send it to a URL? Proxy?

    eg: I want the user to have a URL to look like this: apex1.com/apex/f?p=100:1 or something like that...

    Is it possible?

    Thanks for all your cool answers!

    Douwe Pieter
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  • For your questions, which are about how to use Oracle Application Express to create web sites in IIS, you would be best served by consulting the documentation relating to configuring APEX, and/or asking for assistance in an Oracle-related forum. The general concepts will be the same on Windows Home Server as on any other IIS-based web server though. So Google is your friend too. :) I expect you'll find that APEX includes a web server; it may be possible for it to co-exist with IIS, but I don't know for sure. Or possibly there's a redirector or broker supplied by Oracle that can be used under IIS to allow everything to work.

    However, Windows Home Server isn't designed to be a generic Web application server; it's designed to be the software side of an easy to use hardware/software package for non-technical home users. A very healthy community of enthusiasts has grown up around the product, but we're really not a core part of the Windows Home Server demographic. As a result, what you're trying to do is completely unsupported by Microsoft (and probably by Oracle as well, I'm afraid). I wish you luck with your development efforts, however. :)

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Monday, April 27, 2009 10:44 PM