Windows live mail freezing on fresh Windows 7 64bit upgrade from Vista


  • Here's the deal;

    I wanted to install windows 7, but it said that some file on the DVD+RW was corrupt, and I had already deleted my windows 7 RC1 copy from my PC.
    So I grabbed my old windows XP CD, installed XP, and used it to record the same Windows 7 version on another DVD+RW as the previous one had files on it before and was somewhat scratched. Tried installing; no go, asked for a device driver.

    Grabbed Vista, and just after I installed it, I upgraded immediately to 7. It worked.

    However, now this is bugging me, whenever I start up windows live mail (that was NOT previously with vista, I just installed it using windows live essentials 2 days ago) and a windows installer window pops up; saying that it is getting windows live mail ready.

    What happens next ? Actually ? Nothing, the recently popped up window just disappears, and no Windows live mail application is on the screen.

    Further info:

    Q9550 (3.8GHz)
    HD 4870
    P5Q-E motherboard
    More than 500GB free, defragged space available
    Windows 7 x64 (RTM build / fully updated) upgraded from Windows Vista x64 SP1.

    Any ideas ?
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