Problem with SMS Sending Service RRS feed

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  • need to send SMS to any netowrk in the world  through my code (ASP.NET 2.0). I tried the bt mashup  from the site  and faced the following problem:


     https://xia.bt.com/endpoint/SMS/OneWaySMS/2007/01 (BT mashup).

    I tried using the  SMSOneWay and SMSService User control from SDK controls.  I have registered myself at the http://web21c.bt.com , obtained a UserId and also have installed the certificate on my PC.I have also registered the application and modified the wsepolicysettings as recommneded .

    Since I am working behind a proxy server(all my requests go via a proxy server), the control fails to perform throwing a "Proxy Authentication Required" error. I cannot turn off the proxy as it is mandatory here with in my company. So I have done the following in my code :

    WebProxy pro = new WebProxy("myproxyserver IP",port);

    pro.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(have given my credentials);

    string[] id = { "my phone no." };

    smsOneWaySMSService1.Proxy = pro;

    smsOneWaySMSService1.sendMessage(id, "my mail id", "test");

    I have assumed that the first parameter recepeint URIs are the phone no.s .

    I get the following error :

    IDP Rule 'Process Error' aborted processing.

    No /soap:Envelope/soap:Header/wsseecurity/wsu:Timestamp elements found

    What is the solution for this ? Also, if I do not want to use this control,what are the WS addressing fields that I should populate in order to hit the service?

    Tuesday, April 24, 2007 3:01 PM