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    Im not 100% sure on the name of what im looking to do so i'l try and explain!

    Current Process. I am currently getting & posting data from my winforms app to / from sql server over internet using a set of BLL DAL classes that i wrote. They work very well and super fast. It isnt secure though as the ipaddress is in the code. Im an now at a point where this needs to be more secure. I think im looking for a Web Service or a service of some kind that would be a project / set of classes sitting on my online webspace that i could call instead?

    Im thinking-

    • Call service from desktop app with public security key and call type i need for data
    • service receives call, checks public key
    • on approval, call the relevant data call to get / set data and return

    What would this typically be called, where could i find more info and would there be any examples / boiler plate templates that i could use?


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    Thursday, September 24, 2020 2:57 AM


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