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  • Hello,

    I am a Desktop Support Technician with extensive knowledge in Windows and MAC OS having built the image for both. Our company has roughly 1500 Windows Users and 15 MAC users. I have extensive knowledge in using Exchange Management Console & Shell and other Windows Server applications.

    We are using MAC OS X 10.6.8, with Office for MAC 2011 connected to MS Exchange 2010 SP1 rollup v5. Both MAC OS X and Office for MAC are up to date.

    I have spent countless hours with two users in our environment that have identities betwen 5GB to 16GB that keep getting corrupted and need to be rebuilt. These two identities which were brought over at some point from other MAC systems keep getting corrupted every couple of weeks or days and need to be rebuilt. And to give a little more background, the users would experience the prompt to rebuilt identity roughly once every 3 months, which wasn't terrible, considering most MS Outlook 2010 Windows users have to rebuild the .OST everyonce in awhile too. But recently, I would say since the OS X 10.6.7 update release and the MS OFFICE 14.1.4 update release I have started seeing the request to rebuild the identity for these users every couple of days or week. A combination of OSX; MS OFFICE; IOS & Cloud releases is my thought of why this nightmare is happening.

    Both users had the same issue when one day a Large portion of the emails from both Exchange (server), Client and Phone (both users using iPhones) were deleted. Specifically in one rebuilt of an already rererebuilt identity skipped over 2GB of files.

    As you well know each email creates an actual file in the Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/Main Identity/Data Records/Messages/0T... folder.

    I have been able to locate .olk14Message files containing email conversations that no longer exist in the rebuilt identity. How is this possible? Without receiving any error messages whatsoever when the identity was rebuilt I wonder why the Microsoft Database Utility has not detected and informed of this error, and how it can just randomly skip more than 2GB of data. So far having moved this identity to a newly imaged MAC and rebuilding the user profile have not allowed me to recover the entire identity. Each time I rebuild the identity it's only partial.

    Additionally it is very hard for me to comprehend how can these emails be deleted from the Exchange Server (OWA) and from client at the same time. I do suspect that since the IOS5 upgrade of the iPhone this has started happening more often and may be why these emails are getting deleted from the server. In one case I was rebuilding an Identity for the user that has the 16GB identity and EVERY single time I would connect to Exchange it would reduce it to 8GB. At this point I thought of erasing all Exchange info from the end-users iphone, then rebuilding identity, sync Outlook 2011 client with Exchange, then resync iPhone with Exchange by redoing settings from scratch, and voila, this time the server kept all data. This might be a conspiracy theory, and incredibly hard to proove that iPhone is at fault. However there are HUGE flaws in the way Outlook 2011 manages this data. For example in Outlook for Windows the data is managed in one .OST file, when on mac it is stored in an individual files for each message sent or receive. This leaves room for corruption, if for whatever reason one .olk14Message is corrupted, it may cause the entire identity to have to be rebuilt.

    Now I have a more complete identity which I have put toghether by importing the user's last .OLM export. Of course we still lost a couple of days of email, but the identity continues to get corrupted and rebuilt every couple of days.

    What I am trying to do now is move the contents of this (roughly, now) 6GB .OLM to MS Outlook 2010 in windows, then export to PST, then scan the .PST using the SCANPST.exe utility. Obviously Microsoft "omitted" to add a function of exporting to .PST in Outlook 2011 for MAC therefor I was considering an option suggested by a forum article which is uploading data to a gmail account, since our user's exchange mailboxes are limited. Now this is THE MOST bizzare, annoying little thing I have seen in my existence. Outlook 2011 DOES NOT allow you to copy/move an entire folder into the IMAP account. It only allows copying/moving individual emails. This specific .OLM i just imported in this profile has HUNDREDS of folders and subfolders. And this is why I wrote this article, this was the last straw. Unbelievable.

    I just give up. Microsoft... please reinvent Outlook for MAC.

    Thank you.


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