getting alerts for all new threads RRS feed

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  • I was reading the faq on how to get an alert for any new thread...  I found this...

    How can I be notified about new posts in the Forums?
    You can be notified of changes in the Forums by using two methods:
    • Alerts: You can be notified about new posts in the Forums by subscribing to alerts. For information on subscribing to alerts, see How can I sign up for alerts?
    I followed the link at the end and got this...

    How do I sign up for alerts?
    You can sign up for alerts while creating a new post or reading an existing thread. While creating a new post or replying to an existing post in a thread, you can subscribe for receiving alerts by selecting the Subscribe to Alerts for this thread check box on the interface before submitting the post. To receive live alerts for an existing thread, click the thread subject to open it, and then click Alert Me on the My Threads page. You must sign in to the Forums to subscribe to a thread. You can view your alerts by clicking My Alerts .

    which didn't tell me how to get alerts for new threads, only for new posts to existing threads...
    so how can I sign up for an alert on any new thread?

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009 9:47 PM