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  • Hi,
    we have a Project Server 2007 with SP2 and the June CU (June 2010). We're experiencing serious problem concerning our actuals. The team members submit their actuals via 'My Tasks', the 'Restrict updates to Project Web Access" checkbox is activated:

    - Since the beginning of the operation we had the following problem: The team members entered their actuals, submitted them and after publishing the project there were changed values in the data bases (example: instead of 5h on Monday, we found 3.97h on Monday and 1.02h on Tuesday. The sum was almost the same, but on different days). We opened a call with Microsoft and after quite a long time we got a CU that improved the situation.

    - However, we encountered a new problem afterwards, Barbara described the same problem in the thread http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/projectserver2010general/thread/7cce0023-4d8e-4ef0-bb48-06999ffc4278. Some actuals were lost. Sometimes we noticed the loss but I don't know how many hours we lost without noticing. We got another CU, the June CU, that solved the problem with the lost actuals (or at least: it seemed to solve the problem).

    - But now the previous problem is back! We have many decimals again, sometimes when we open a project plan in Project Professional we get an error message that this action may have consequences that do not agree with the updates from the database (I don't know the exact words, because we have a German system). After opening the project, there are many decimals again. These errors I described do not occur on all our projects and even inside a project only some tasks are concerned (not all).

    Not all resources are concerned either, some work pretty well. I would like to repair the system - but I don't know exactly how. One possibility might be to export the project plans, install a completely new system and import our data again. But I'm not sure if this would improve the system.

    I would appreciate any suggestions that might help us!

    Many thanks in advance Nicola
    Monday, November 8, 2010 8:46 AM


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