Changing the time zone to 'visiting'.... WHY does WM6 change the time of ALL my appointments?????????? RRS feed

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  • I just don't get why i would EVER want all my appointment times to change when I travel?!!!



    I have a MDA Vario III / TyTn II with WM6

    I live in London and am going to New York next week for a conference. I put in my meetings in local time in New York. I arrive there and want to change the time on my PDA to local and use the alarm functions to wake up... and remind me of my meetings.


    I tap the clock and 'visiting' and change to NY, BUT.... WM6 decides that I want to change ALL my meetings for the next YEAR by 5 hours.. WHY WHY WHY?????? It doesn't happen in Outlook when I change my time zone on the machine, so why the heck would we want this in WM6? My 8am meeting is now automatically re-scheduled for 3am, the reminder goes off at 2.30am... my machine is MSExchange mail, so all my appointments change and my secretary looking at a meeting the week after i get back thinks its 5 hours earlier than it is.........


    What am i missing?  do i just have to live with the machine telling me the wrong time? its like keeping your watch on the wrong time for a week...


    Comments welcome please!!


     a very puzzled Zonker...

    Thursday, October 18, 2007 4:18 PM

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  • thanks for the article but it still doesn't help. It works only if you enter the appointments on the WM6 device. If you enter them through Outlook then synchronise, the problem persists. 


    Suggested work arounds I have found are to ignore the time zone function & just reset clock when you change time zones (very crude) or to download software to 'undo' the time shift. Either way sound pretty dumb.


    The problem is that Outlook and WM6 work differently. I guess desktop computers don't change time zones as often as a WM6 device, but surely a tick box to select local/GMT could be done? 

    Sunday, December 2, 2007 3:18 AM
  • Doh! Spoke too soon. After I figured out how it all works it does function correctly, it is just a bit tedious. Only problem now is I think that for me, Microsoft got the default situation wrong. I enter a lot of flight times and meetings in foreign cities and these are always given in local time on my travel itineraries & tickets. I have very few occasions of on-line or phone meetings that need GMT.


    I think the ultimate answer would still be a means to select whether the appointment is entered in local time (most things)or absolute GMT time for phone/on-line meetings. Add it to the wish list!

    Sunday, December 2, 2007 4:25 AM