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  • Hi to everyone money user,

    Ι haνe been using money since 2008 and I have more than eighty thousand entries. I think that this financial program was created by super minds for super users too!!!

    Many times I tried to find an alternative for example, ‘’Quicken’’ which seems as a toy, nothing can be compared with it. The forums, the FAQ and anything about that I read has not help me enough. The problem: During a reinstall,(cause I didn't hear the program sounds, especially the intro sound), there is an automated online update every time the program starts, which  overwrites or  duplicates a lot of my transactions . Trying to solve it ,I read many solutions but I’m confused.

     Probably is not so simple to solve it, but I don’t know which is the right one. I tried to delete the ones with the question mark using the sort of unaccepted transactions, but is so painful, there are hundreds of them! Please can you give me any advice?

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  • Is this is a single account that has this problem?

    How do you bring in transactions -- through a website?

    The probable problem is that the financial institution (FI) does not keep an identifier (FITID) the same each time. Citibank has been doing that bad thing (credit card OK however).

    The work around is to look at the latest downloaded transaction in the register, and have the FI only provide transactions that are newer.

    There is a way to automate, but it is not simple.

    Thursday, March 5, 2020 11:14 PM
  • Thank you for your fast reply Cal.

    I use a single account named Cash. This account contains all my transactions since 2008.

    There is only one financial institution that I use, named ‘’Emporiki Bank’’ that I can't remove or disable it.

    If I disable with any way the online updates  without to affect my transactions, that will be a success for me!

    As I told you, the online updates stop after a short period, but during that period the transactions becomes hundreds duplicates or unaccepted ones.

    I can manually delete the duplicates as I wrote you, but it needs many hours of work. Before to do that, I would like to be sure that the future updates will not affect my data.

    I use the money through parallel windows desktop an environment inside my iMac.

    Attached are screenshots from my money environment that can be important to you for any help or advice.  

    Thank you in advance.

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  • I think you are saying that somehow these transactions are being downloaded into Money Plus Deluxe Sunset without any action on your part. Amazing. Literally.

    From the Account List, you might click ManageOnlineServices in the left column. That might let you discontinue the fetching of transactions. I don't know if that would work. I cannot test that.

    If you are saying that this happens only when you do something, let me know.

    One way to stop outbound Internet access from Money and to speed things up, would be to block internet access, particularly outgoing, with the Windows firewall. https://microsoftmoneyoffline.wordpress.com/2016/06/06/eliminating-the-online-updatingdelays-and-errors-when-opening-money/ is one write-up of how to do that. I would do that regardless. I would also un-tick RemindMeToRegister...  I don't know if that will help things, but it can't hurt.

    EDIT: On the deletion of transactions in the register, try alternating these two keys:

    Delete, Enter.

    There are also keyboard macro programs, that you could look into, but you might be able to alternate those two keys once per second with one hand or two hands.

    Friday, March 6, 2020 5:04 PM