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  • So I cannot use Live Sync because it insists that the user is 18+ years or something. My son and daughter have homework and they need these files sync'd. So I try Mesh. However, when I mesh a folder on computer OLIVE at location C:/Users/Username/Documents it defaults to sync on the other computer (PLUMM) at location (C:/Users/Username/Desktop/Documents) resulting in two copies of my Documents on computer PLUMM. I try to change the folder on computer PLUMM but the option to change the name or the folder is greyed out. I am hoping to be able to sync the folder .../Documents on both computer OLIVE and PLUMM, and optionally the Mesh Desktop. Thankyou. Should I try moving the mesh folder on PLUMM? Am I missing something?
    Wednesday, November 11, 2009 10:24 AM


  • When you set up a folder to be in the Mesh for multiple computers, you start on the first computer and add the folder to your Mesh. That folder is then offered to all other devices in the Mesh by creating a light blue icon on the desktop of the others PCs. When you click that icon, you have the option to accept the folder, which will cause it to become an actual folder on the Desktop with a dark blue icon *or* you can merge the folder with an existing folder on the PC that received the offer. You would need to click the browse button, navigate to the folder you wish to merge, and then accept the warning that you are merging the folders. If files are already in that destination folder, they will be synchronized back to the other PCs sharing that folder. If the files already exist, but differ slightly, you will be presented with conflicts that you wil need to resolve manually - one at a time.
    Since you already accepted the default desktop location, you need to undo that as you can't move a destination folder once it has been accepted.
    Go to the Live Desktop and change the sync settings to not sync with the destination PC. The desktop folder will turn yellow - a normal Explorer folder. Delete that folder or move the contents to the folder you actuall intend to syc to. Then go back to the Live Desktop and change the sync settings to sync with the PC. It will offer the light blue folder once again so that you can select the destination for the merge.
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    Wednesday, November 11, 2009 3:26 PM