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  • SOLUTION: Please refer to my last post below.

    Dear Community,

    after enabling pre-boot authentication with Bitlocker my system randomly shuts down on the pre-boot authentication screen. As soon as the "Enter Bitlocker-PIN"-Screen is shown it takes a different period of time until the system suddenly shuts down - just as if someone pulled the power cable! It's really a "cut-off". Boooom! Silence.

    This can happen only one second after the pre-boot authentication screen is shown, sometimes more than a minute, but it definitely shuts down - sometimes even during typing the PIN.

    Once the PIN is entered and accepted, the system boots completely normal and runs completely fast and stable.

    It's definitely NOT a heat issue or something like that. It looks a bit more like a graphics-related issue. It is not depending if fast boot is enabled or disabled in UEFI.

    Please find system configuration below.

    I'll try to contact the mainboard manufacturer as well, maybe they have an idea.

    Any ideas from your side, dear community? I found hints on the internet, others suffer from the same problem.

    Thanks a lot and best regards,



    - Windows 10 Pro x64

    - Asus Z97-A USB 3.1 Mainboard, UEFI/BIOS-Version 2501 (running regular speed)

    - Intel Core i7-4790K (running regular speed)

    - CPU Graphics Adapter used, screen connected via Displayport

    - Eizo CS240 screen

    - 32GB DDR3 RAM, Crucial CT102464BA160B (4*8GB) (running regular speed)

    - Crucial M500 SSD, 512GB, Firmware MU05, running hardware encrypted, Mode 2.16.840.

    - Asus TPM, Firmware 3.19

    SOLUTION: Please refer to my last post below.
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    The Windows 10 forum is here (Participate -> Ask a Question):

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  • Hello and thank you.


    Asus Taiwan instructed me to issue the following command on a command prompt with administrative priviledges:

    bcdedit /set {bootmgr} bootshutdowndisabled 1

    This command solved the issue.

    It's rather not a BIOS/UEFI issue, but a Microsoft/Bitlocker issue.

    Microsoft engineers, please fix, thanks!

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