False LocalUpdateRemoteUpdate (when no updates were made on client) RRS feed

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  • SqlServer 2008; SqlCe; SyncFramework 2.1; Filtered scopes.

    Anyone else seeing intermitent false DbConflictType.LocalUpdateRemoteUpdate?

    I have several tables that are included in my sync only for future use - they are sync'd to the client but as of yet, are never accessed or written to.  I have no queries that update them and no business objects that even reference them.  The only place the table names show up in a search of my code are SELECT statements for provisioning and syncing.

    However, occasionally during syncs I will see conflict resolution in the _ApplyChangeFailed event trap a conflict of LocalUpdateRemoteUpdate type ... according to my business rules the client wins ... meaning that data on the client (which has not changed since it was copied to the SDF) overwrites much newer data on the server's record.

    Because it is so rare ... I haven't been able to replicate the issue.

    One kind of different thing that I am doing is that I am doing partition management on my filterd scopes as such ... after each sync completes successfully I:

    - make a WCF call to the server to discover the records i should keep

    - delete all records that are not in the "keep list"

    - execute the CleanMetadata() call with days to keep as 0 (zero)

    It is my understanding that CleanMetadata() only removes the deleted record info from the _tracking tables ... but am wondering if this is messing up my sync knowledge since I am getting the "outdated sync knowledge" error after the CleanMetadata() call and am handling it by continuing.

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