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  • WHS2011- attempting to configure remote web access.  modem is a 2wire490 (AT&T Uverse)

    ran the wizard, result = UPnP is not enabled.

    I have access to the router, have searched all tabs, nothing found on UPnP.

    went to the uverseusers.com [uverse user forum] - which states, "UPnP not supported."

    I have opened these ports TCP 80, TCP53, UDP53 & TCP443, Note: the entry "Remote access and UpnP" says port 4125 should be open also.

    How do I open port 4125??

    If I get port 4125 open, will that resolve the "UPnP is not enabled" issue.

    why does WHS2011 care about UPnP anyway?  Isn't UPnP ancient technology, similar to a floppy drive?

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  • UPNP is Universal Plug & Play which is meant to make setting up complex devices easy/automatic!! For Windows Home Server 2011 you only need Port 443 (essential - https://) and Port 80 (optional - http://) - no other ports are required. If UPNP does not work with WHS2011 then you will need to manually forward the two ports above to your Server.

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  • Note that the message about UPnP means that your server is trying to configure the router automatically. You'll have to go back through Remote Access Setup to tell your server that you're manually configuring your router.
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  • I have issue with UVerse but not sure if this is the same. I have a functioning system or should I say I had one. I had Time Warner and I had their broadband modem. Well went to Uverse and they have Router. Now I have two routers in the system and of course my system is dead as far as remote access through the WHS.

    Wonderfull overseas support doesnt have a clue.

    Can you run with two routers? My D-Link was setup and working perfectly but now it is attached to the new "router". Want to be prepared before I talk to support again.

    Anyone doing this

    Tuesday, November 8, 2011 1:38 PM
  • Yes you can but more complicated. Set up the router closest to the Internet to forward the required ports to the IP address of the inner router and then on that, forward Ports 443 and optionally Port 80 to your WHS 2011 (Ports 80, 443 & 4125 all required for WHS1).

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    Tuesday, November 8, 2011 2:34 PM
  • how do you do this on static ip threw windows home server firewall win home server 2011 an if have to use modem its smcd3g didnt have to do any of this on my home server 2003 which also has static ip so any help would be great


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