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  • Apologies if this is in the wrong forum; I didn't see a forum devoted to the VS 2008 Profiling tools.

    I was using the VS 2008 Profiling tools to attempt to determine the 'cause of a large amount of allocation in my program.  However, after a profiling run, the profiler claims that most of the allocation (>3GB worth) occurs in the following function (exclusive and inclusive allocation):

    public ParseResults Scan(Uri target, string pageText) {  
        if (parser == null)  
            parser = new SeoParser(target, pageText, rules);  
            parser.Reset(target, pageText);  
        return parser.Parse();  

    I find this somewhat unlikely.  Further, neither parser.Parse() nor any of the functions it calls appear in the profiling information, even though I know they were called (since the program completed successfully, and trace from those functions appeared in the output logs).  Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong to cause the profiler to ignore much of my code?

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