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  • Hello, I have an Acer h340 and have 1x1TB and a 1x2TB drive in the Acer server. Externally connected to it now, is a Mediasonic  4-bay PRO Box with the same hard drive arrangement, 1x1TB and 1x2TB. My question is, is there anyway to back up the server 1TB to the external 1TB and the server 2TB to the external 2TB? Unfortunately I just noticed now that during the backup process through the WHS console, I can only choose for example, "Public folder" and not individual hard drives. So, when I go to back up the server, I can only choose to back up the Public folder to either the 1TB or the 2TB hard drive inside the PRO Box. It is not a problem now, but if my Public folder ever exceeds 2TB, I can not back up the server anymore. Is there a program I can use to back up the individual drives in the server to individual drives in the external? Thank you in advance everyone, for your help with this!

    Thursday, April 14, 2011 9:32 PM

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  • Unfortunately there is no way to control how WHS distributes the backup.


    I have a similar setup to you.  


    I've got 4 hard drives in my HP EX470 case, and another 3 inside my Mediasonic Pro Box.  The beauty of WHS V1 is that you can install any mixture of mismatched drives, I've got a 500gb, two 1tb, two 2tb and two 1.5tb drives.  When you turn on folder duplication WHS will distribute the files however it sees fit, to ensure that the files exist on two separate drives.  

    WHS V1 was meant to be user friendly, and appliance like, users shouldn't have to think about how the WHS is storing their files.  Because WHS is intended to let you mix drive sizes the folder duplication doesn't work the way you've described above.


    In my case I'm actually starting to replace my smaller drives with 2tb drives...  so I will soon put a new 2tb drive in the last slot in my Mediasonic box, at that point I will remove one of the 1tb drives I've got freeing up a slot in the WHS case..  When that drive starts filling up, I will do the same thing, put a new 2tb drive in the open slot and remove my last remaining 1tb drive.  

    Thursday, April 14, 2011 11:17 PM