Ex-Client Problems with Shares After Removing Connector RRS feed

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  • Problem:  after removing the Connector software from two Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) Ultimate client computers, Windows Backup on those computers now complains about the old WHS Shares.

    Background:  I uninstalled the Connector by going to Programs and Features on each machine and uninstalling the software.  I then opened Windows Explorer and removed the WHS Shares that had been added to the Music, Pictures, and Video Libraries (along with shares I'd added manually).  I also opened Media Player and Windows Live Photo Gallery and removed those shares there.  I re-set-up the local backups on those computers to let Windows Backup choose what to back up.  At the end of the backups, Windows Backup now complains as follows:

    "Backup skipped backing up \\WINHOMESERVER\Music as it is not on local machine.
    Backup skipped backing up \\WINHOMESERVER\Photos as it is not on local machine.
    Backup skipped backing up \\WINHOMESERVER\Videos as it is not on local machine."

    WINHOMESERVER was the name of my WHS.  I've looked all over the machines and can find no place where these shares still exist.  If I go to Administrative Tools | Computer Management | System Tools | Shared Folders | Shares, there are no such shares listed.

    How do I remove these shares from these ex-client machines?
    Wednesday, September 16, 2009 4:16 PM


  • I should have figured this out earlier.  The clue was in my own write-up:  The uninstall routine for the Connector didn't remove those shares from the Music, Pictures, and Video Libraries.  I had to do that manually.  Well, it turns out I should have done that manual removal in all my user accounts.  I've got a second user account on both machines (hardly ever used).  Once I fired those accounts up and removed those WHS shares from the libraries there, the warning message from Backup disappeared.
    Wednesday, September 16, 2009 9:40 PM