What causes this mysterious occasional web access outage? RRS feed

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  • I have two Homeservers which I access remotely, and they are responding very differently.  The one which is operating properly has been available for web access continually for the past 3 months, since it was installed.  But the other one has the habit of loosing access from time to time, and I can't determine why.  Whenever this happens, I can easily correct it, but only from direct access over the local network.  The dashboard has a link at the upper right labeled "server settings", and when that is clicked, a window appears with 4 tabs, the lowest of which is "Remote Web Access".  When this is clicked, the server does some type of reset, which restores the web access. 

         One difference in the two installations is the routers, and I suspect that the router is involved in the cause and correction of this issue.  The problem router is a linksys-e3000, connected to a DSL modem.  I had initially thought that the problem was associated with a change in router IP address, which occasionally happens, especially when power to the modem is lost.  But now the IP address of the linksys router has been constant through several of these incidents, so I am searching for another reason.  It would be helpful to know exactly what that dashboard reset does, because if I knew how it corrected the problem, maybe I could prevent it from happening.   Could it have anything to do with port forwarding?  I will appreciate any light you can shed on this.  Thank you.


    Tuesday, December 4, 2012 12:25 AM