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    Since our back end Oracle databases (10G) can only support a number of oracle connections, I am trying to implement connection pooling to my queries/Updates, I am using OracleClient 2.0 class. But the problem is that I dont see the performance counters updated according to my Connection Pool Settings in the connection string. The NumberOfFreeConnection and NumberOfPooledConnections always remain 1. This is the connection string I am using:

    Data Source=dbname;User Id=dsa;Password=asdfd;Pooling=yes;Max Pool Size=5;Min Pool Size=3;Connection Lifetime=86400;Connection Timeout=60;

    I've called the component many times, and concurrently as well, but pool is not getting initialized it seems.

    I am closing the connections in my code, and also in the finally block, and I've also tried by removing the finally block as well as connection close statement from Code, but the result is same. Please tell me what could be the cause of these connection pool settings not working and what is a better way of testing it.

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