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  • I spent this past week correcting all of my posts for "Title" errors, resizing picures and adding proper "Labels" in my site.  Since Blogger is my host, they do not support "Categories" rather "Labels".  I removed the thousands of labels from my posts and then went back and assigned one label to each post so that I could display what are really categories on my site for anyone looking for more of the same from a particular post.  Since I create podcasts, this was a no brainer and only made sense.  From what I can tell, Blogger does not support "tags" or at the very least, treats tags and labels as one in the same.  For each post I corrected, I added new tags that were pertinent to each particular post.  On my website, those tags now appear to have hyperllinks which takes the user to a page that say "website coming soon" or in some cases a "404 error"...Exactly what am I missing here?  I thought tags were simply a way of providing additional description for the bots and search engines.  When inserted to a blogger post, it's obviously more than that.  With all of the work I just finished, I'm afraid I may have created more problems than I already had.  My website address is http://www.partyfavorz.net.  If anyone could take a look at it, more specifically the tags I have inserted at the end of each post and suggest what I need to do from here? 

    One last thing, when I had my site checked out using GoDaddy's service for improving search engine visibility, it tells me flats out I have no descriptive tags in any of my posts, muchless my header (which I disagree with).  Something just isn't adding up.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sunday, October 4, 2009 5:31 AM