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  • Is there any way to use a NOT in Advanced Find? I can See OR and AND but I can't see any way to exclude records based on meeting a condition.

    - Mark

    Thursday, November 10, 2011 10:22 PM


  • I am afraid not. Your only option is to create a custom SSRS report.

    Here is what microsoft is doing for their neglected leads report.

    Select fl.owneridname,fl.ownerid,Count(*) as count


    (' + @CRM_FilteredLead + ') AS fl

    Where not Exists ( select fl.leadid from FilteredActivityPointer fa

    Where fa.regardingobjectid = fl.leadid

    and fa.modifiedonutc > dateadd(d, -'+ CONVERT(nVarChar(20), @NeglectedDays)+',GetUTCDate())


    select fl.leadid from FilteredAnnotation fn

    where fn.objectid = fl.leadid

    and fn.modifiedonutc > dateadd(d, -'+ CONVERT(nVarChar(20), @NeglectedDays)+',GetUTCDate())


    and fl.modifiedonutc < dateadd(d, -'+ CONVERT(nVarChar(20), @NeglectedDays)+',GetUTCDate())

    and fl.statecode = 0

    Group By


    I hope this helps.

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