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  • I recently installes Live Mesh. It looks very good! However, a lot files are missing in the Mesh. These are NOT files that are stated in "Are there types of files or folders that I cannot share or synchronize"

    I use Windows Vista32, started yesterday synchronizing. The files missing are several .doc and .pdf files, some are uploaded, but it seems that somehow the uploading stopped. However Live Mesh isn't synchronizing now. The files are between  2 and 600 kB, I do not go over the storage limit (19%). Webbrowser Firefox. The files are stored in subfiles. The mainfolder is marked blue, the subfiles and folders are not. Some subfolder i cannot mark to add for Live Mesh, others i can. For all files that is possible.

    Is this a familiar problem? Anyone knows if I doing something wrong?

    Friday, March 20, 2009 9:00 AM


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  • If the top level folder is in your Live Mesh, you cannot then add the subfolders into the Mesh, too. Nested meshed folders is not allowed.
    I suggest that you submit a bug with logs per the instructions here: 




    Microsoft MVP Windows Live / Windows Live OneCare & Live Mesh Forum Moderator
    Friday, March 20, 2009 1:24 PM
  • This is a MAJOR limitation of using Live Mesh in a standard use case way. It causes need to move locations of existing local standard folder structures in place, and due to the hassle will cause people (including myself) not to do it.

    Use case example is this:

    I Keep all data files in subfolders of \My Documents.

    I have way more than 5GB of data files/media that I need to sync between desktop/laptop/other pcs.
    So... I create \My Documents folder as Mesh synced folder with all pcs (peer to peer) but NOT the Live Desktop.

    Now I DO WANT to sync specific subfolders to be available on Live Desktop so can access to these folders in the anytime/anywhere cloud.

    Can not do this now.  Only way to do is to change the folder structure, duplicate stuff, etc to get this simple operation to happen.

    I've spoken with many other people in exact same situation. Really hope this is fixed soon.....

    Friday, May 15, 2009 4:43 PM
  • This is indeed a common request, but not actually what the original thread was about.

    You should vote on this and add your comments per the instructions found here:

    Live Mesh Beta: Suggestions - Go cast your vote!


    Microsoft MVP Windows Live / Windows Live OneCare & Live Mesh Forum Moderator
    Friday, May 15, 2009 5:50 PM