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    I've been messing with the accounts running the email router. For some reason, with ADFS (my favorite), things get more complicated. In the deployment I'm working with, thanks to ADFS and some decisions made by a network admin, the email router has to connect to the CRM Deployment over IFD instead of using the "my company" option. So I've been playing with accounts and trying to get the configuration right:

    1. What is the best type of account to use for the Deployment? Unfortunately, this can't be a read-only user, because it has to be able to write activities. Do you burn a license just for the email router account, do you use a different user ... ?

    2. For incoming and outgoing profiles, and for the forwarding mailbox - do you typically use the same user for all of these? And if so, is that user the same that you use for the CRM Deployment account in #1? Does it matter? Obviously, it's easier if they're all the same ...

    3. The Email Router service, strangely enough, always seems to have the "Log on as" value of "Local Service", regardless of what you set in the Email Router Configuration Manager. Is there ever any reason to change this account (I'm talking about the account you see in the server's Services console - where you would go to re-start the email router service).


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    Friday, October 14, 2011 9:04 PM

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