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  • Is the only way I can synch an updated file is to update on the blue folder on my PC desktop. this seems to work as it updates other devices on the Mesh. But this seems to be wasteful as I then have to go and update the original file in my documents folder. Is there anyway that the original can be updated, which in turn updates the copy in blue on the pc desktop which then updates the mesh. Nik
    Wednesday, January 27, 2010 2:43 PM


  • What you've done is accepted the default location of the offered folder - on the PC's desktop.

    To resolve this, you need to change the sync settings for the folder to *not* sync with that PC. Do this on the Live Desktop.
    The folder on the PC will change to a normal yellow Windows Explorer folder. Once that happens, move the files to your desired location and delete the folder.
    Now, on the Live Desktop, change the sync settings once again to sync with the PC. Then follow the instructions below to "merge" the offered light blue Mesh folder on the desktop with your existing folder. The light blue folder will dsisappear from the PC desktop and the target folder will become a Mesh folder in blue. Any changes to files  - change, add, delete - will then sync to the Live Desktop and other devices in our Mesh as configured in the sync settings.


    Double clicking when it is faded light blue folder, brings you to a windows titled:

    Synchronize folder

    The text at the top of the window says "Synchronize folder with this computer."

    The name cannot be changed/

    The location is the path to your desktop folder.

    Next to this is browse.

    At the bottom of the Window is OK and Cancel.

    OK accepts the default offered location - your desktop.

    If you click OK, it will become a darker blue folder (still light blue) and it is now fixed to your desktop.

    If you click Browse, you can navigate to a folder of your choosing.

    Once you have reached that folder, click OK and accept the warning about merging with an existing folder and potential for conflicts.


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    Wednesday, January 27, 2010 7:27 PM