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  • This is a clear-cut example

    I moved a post from an English language forum because it was in French. My explanation of the move said just that.

    The MS support person suggested moving it back to an adjacent forum which is also an English Language forum and alternatively to the same group of forums that contained both that forum and the forum I had moved it from.

    I think we should expect that people making suggestions for where to post a forum should

    a) Not suggest moving it back to where it came from

    b) be aware that English Language forums are not the right location for French (or any other non-English language) language posts.

    I presume these people are controlled by the Forum bosses (as the Off-Topic forum is in the "Using Forum Forums" set of Forums) which is why I am posting this here to get more attention than my reply in that thread.


     P.S. I appreciate that because of the wide range of questions that end up in this forum, the MS support people have a hard job sometimes in finding the right forum to suggest. I have the greatest possible respect for that. This particular case, however, is not that, it is pure incompetence.

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    Friday, April 2, 2010 1:12 PM

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