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  • I have a 32-bit simulation program that runs on Win 7-64 on a desktop PC (4 GB memory, i5 2.67 GHz CPU).  It takes about 3+ days for simple simulations.  The simulation program originally ran on WinXP, and its development may not be that sooner to keep up with current systems.  This app only runs on Windows systems to date (WinXP to Win7).  So I am stuck with this app and its OS limitations.

    With the goal to speed up the simulation, I just got a blade server and now I wonder if I should install Windows Server 2008 HPC or Windows 7; through the trial versions.  The blade server specs can be seen in the following link.


    Are there significant advantages or disadvantages of either operating system on my app and blade server? 

    Please let me hear from you, so I could make a better decision on which OS to purchase.

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  • HI Eddie,

    Thanks for considering Windows HPC Server. Please note that Windows HPC Server is a distrubuted system that does the conputation on a cluster (with multiple nodes), so it won't help you if your application only runs on a single machine. May I ask if it's possible to break your simulation into smaller pieces so you can run them concurrently on a cluster? If the answer is yes, you can utilize your Blade Server(which has 4 nodes from what  I have read) by installing the HPC headnode on a Windows Server 2008 node and HPC workstation node on the other 3 Windows 7 nodes.

    If you are interested in speeding up your simulation even more without having to purchase the hardware, you can also run Windows HPC v3 sp3 on Windows Azure (the cloud) and pay only what you use.



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  • This started to happen after maintenance of the nodes. I tried to go through the error logs on the head node and on the compute nodes but I couldn't find anything. Also all the updates installed fine without errors it wasn't that.
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