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  • I am a long time computer user/programmer/manager.  My computer career started in the early 1980's and has been digital ever since.  My experience covers everything from programming in assembler to being totally confused by the supposedly simple installation of the latest piece of software that 'we all must have'.


    Currently I work for a distributed computer firm that provides on-site and off-site data backup services.  Certainly I would be glad to pitch our service to any who would like to have more information.    My position is overseeing the help desk which assists our customers and our internal staff.  So I usually have questions that do not fall into the 'normal' range.  Also, I have questions that are so simple that I know I should know - but I don't know.  Ya know?


    Yes, lame jokes are a prominent weakness also.    I make many random comments so please ignore those!  My hope is to connect with a lot of computer-savvy people who can assist me in my odd moments.  I also hope to be able to assist others by providing KISS type answers to questions.  As complex as we like to make things, I believe humans function best in the simplest environments.

    Wednesday, October 31, 2007 1:43 PM