NOAA's Science on a Sphere datasets in WWT RRS feed

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  • I'm starting to run WWT at the Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium in Kansas City and am looking to expand its functionality. At our science center, we have installed one of NOAA's Science on a Sphere exhibits and I was wondering if there was any way to import NOAA's datasets into WWT.  I know that all of their datasets, which are presented as static images or image sequences (frames) in an equirectangular format, are freely accessible on an FTP server on their website (sos.noaa.gov), so I was wondering if there was any efficient way to access that data and project it on a sphere, say as a layer in the "Look At: Earth" setting. If there was a way to access their database in real time, that would be excellent, as many of their datasets are constantly updated with new data and up-to-date imagery. Thanks in advance!

    Patrick Hess

    Planetarium Specialist at Union Station Kansas City

    Thursday, January 9, 2014 8:25 PM

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  • Simplest possible solution I know: If they provide a WMS version of their data: WWT can import this directly as a layer. There is a second mechanism, using the WWT SDK; so that would be some time and effort to get running.  A third (least desirable) path is to manually import global tiles. The latter suffers the drawback that a seam appears at 180 degrees.  In terms of NOAA visualization work: I'm a big fan of Eric Hackathorn and his work there at NOAA so if there is a compatibility path to making this stuff real easy I think we'd love to try and help make it happen! 

    Best -Rob Fatland (principle person at MSR for http://layerscape.org, the earth science focus website for WWT in research)

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014 10:46 PM