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  • I have a large collection of MP3 files.

    View> Details (
    when viewing my lists of tracks) the headers and columns for 'Bitrate' and' 'Duration' dutifully show---but the accompanying lists of numbers etc. (the actual bitrates and duration info) is no longer listed in the columns.

    The numbers are still showing in all track 'balloon pop-ups', all tags, and in the media players display when asked....but I cannot figure out how to recover it in the View> Details> lists. 

    The information was all there a couple of weeks ago (it took me a while to find this forum) but I have no system restore points back far enough and cannot figure out what changes might have been made to cause it to disappear.

    How do I get the actual details (not just the columns and headers) back?
    What would cause it to suddenly disappear?



    Wednesday, November 19, 2008 4:39 AM

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