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  • My apologies for not posting this in the proper section but I find it difficult and tedious to navigate through this MS forums. There should be a 'General Complaint' sub-forum.. Maybe a moderator can re-direct this post to the appropriate section.

      My issue is with installing (or reinstalling) MS software on my MS XP {Home Addition} SP2 ... I was trying to install Microsoft ActiveSync to access my Moto Q on my XP .. When I tried to install it,  I was informed (by the program) that it was downloading and installing the latest version and fix for WMP (Windows Media Player) and then it went on to tell me it was re-activating outlook express... Why would it do this automatically? I have also had problems in removing your MS tool called Windows Defender... I don't like MS Defender because it crashes my router all the time and I use other protection software that works much better and doesn't slow my system down.. I don't use outlook because I prefer hotmail and I think outlook's platform is garbage. I don't use WMP because I prefer VLC Media player due to it being far superior and the boot-up time is quicker..
      My issue it that if I don't choose to use some of the MS secondary software along with my Genuine XP package then don't force me to do so!! The only product I like from MS is XP and I find every other piece of software you guys have either drags down my system performance or doesn't do what I need it to do for certain applications.. I am forced to use this 'ActiveSync' to run my PDA on XP but I don't wish to use the software that it's trying to force me to. Due to these issues you guys have;  I have decided to switch to an Imac for my next computer purchase. I (and many other people I'm sure) do not like being forced to use your products.. I suggest you stop setting up your software in this fashion.

    P.S. I do not mind a response to this post via email - but do not spam my email with your ad garbage. This would just solidify my point even further (trying to force more products on me).
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