VB.NET and C# should be combined into one code structure. Allowing both formats to be accepted. RRS feed

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  • As computers have gotten more powerful, it seems logical that a program that would accept either VB formats or C# formats in the same program would make things a lot easier for all. It would mean a programmer could use his preferred syntax and yet blend it in with another programmer's work that preferred the other syntax.

    Logically one would not think it to difficult to teach the compiler to look at the syntax, identify what it means and carry out the instruction.   Ideally one would not even need to stipulate the language as the complier would be able to figure it out.   Perhaps under the covers the VB code would be changed to its C# equivalent and then processed.    

    As the CLR is the same for both, it really does not seem to be much of a leap.

    Long term this would reduce the need for Microsoft to support each language as separate.

    It would allow programmers to focus on programming rather than keeping up with both C# and VB.NET changes.

    Maybe this New code should provide the advantage of a true compile for those things that require more speed than a compile on the fly will give.

    Any comments?

    Saturday, February 11, 2017 5:40 PM