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  • Please pardon me if I am confused. I have started to learn Microsoft Sync Framework today. One thing which is bothering me that sometime ago I had attended a Microsoft seminar in which they had demonstrated Microsoft Live Mesh.

    They had said live mesh is also a synchronization SDK which can be used by applications to sync data. So I am wondering if I need an app which will synchronize data for offline/online use should I select Microsoft Sync Framework or should I select the live mesh SDK?

    Also please give a link to a good tutorial on Sync Framework 2.0. when I search for tutorials it only returns tutorials on V1 CTP.
    Sunday, July 26, 2009 1:30 AM


  • The two are actually very complimentary sync technologies.  Complimentary because it is possible to integrate Sync Framework data sources into Live Mesh data sources.  As you likely saw with Live Mesh all information synchronized revolves around the Mesh.  One of the really nice parts about the Sync Framework is the ability to create new providers for new data stores.  With this capability you could support just about any data store and then sync it to the Mesh which then allows you to sync data to your other Mesh data stores.

    One major difference between the two is that Live Mesh requires all data to be registered and at least have access to the Mesh in the cloud.  This has a number of advantages but Sync Framework is different and does not have this requirement.  For example if you wanted to build a peer-to-peer sync architecture from one device to another or if you wanted to sync one datastore to another but were not able to tie in the Mesh then this would be possible with Sync Framework.

    All of our totorials and samples including the ones for the recent v2 CTP2 are here:

    We will be updating the others as we get closer to the release of v2 Sync Framework.

    Program Manager, Data Replication and Synchronization - http://msdn.microsoft.com/sync/
    Monday, July 27, 2009 10:40 PM