Have pc problems, ended up with you. I had earlier (before pc went crazy) changed my user name on MSDN was told it was already being used, but it's because it's me! RRS feed

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  • Well, ADHD me did not look at entire instructions at pretty much told my need for help in above title.

    That site with MSDN is ME! Sometime or other I gave myself a user name but it' not my current user name. when I changed it

    I was told that name was already used. Yes, It Is- I am Brenda Barron!

    I can't find out anything about my pc problems and they are dire- been doining all I know to do. That's when I found I had problems connecting to you.

    If you can help me please contact me at xxxxxxxxxx   or xxxxxxxxxx. I give you second email address but msn has blocked me. Comcast is my Internet Service Provider but the site is all messed up: My mail won't come in properly, I don't know how to show validation to anyone, I verified code with Microsoft yesterday, over phone which is a land line. My cell

    phone has not been used by me in long time, did not know husband still paid bill. He got me a Galaxie 3 phone, we had not discussed it, and I've never used it. Yesterday husband called my old cell phone number, I did not know it worked, afterwards my PC went haywire and it had to do with something Bluetooth which I immediately thought it was husband using the old cell phone. I'm connected through a broadband modem and router  so husband and I can be a Homegroup. That is a mess to because he signs in with one of my old passwords. This is a lost cause, I'm sure, it sounds so stupid. I do not know what to do.

    Sunday, April 12, 2015 1:02 AM