Add timezone to all events RRS feed

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  • Have you ever thought of the fact that all events actually happen in a timezone? And why this has not been reflected in the calendar on Windows Mobile?

    Mobile phones travel. I even have a setting that allow me to set the timezone of the place I am visiting.

    All my appointments have a geographical place attached to them. Even a conference call has a timezone - the one of the originator of the conference. A birthday happens where the person lives and should be tagged accordingly so you can call and sing happy birthday at the exact correct time.

    We have all seen appointments move in our calendar because we changed timezone on our mobile phone. Sometime it is right, sometime it is wrong. But what is the correct time for an appointment?

    If you travel between London and New York, would it not be easier to be able to add an appointment for 2pm in New York with the correct timezone instead of having to put it into your calendar in London time and trust that it gets changed to the correct time when you change the timezone of the phone? It takes the guesswork out of what time in London corresponds to 2pm in New York. Or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

    So please add this to all events in Windows Mobile. And i guess you need to add this to Outlook as well.... I can live with that :-)
    Thursday, April 3, 2008 8:37 AM