Using Symbolic Links on WHSv1 "Server Backup Drives" ONLY RRS feed

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  • I'm using what WHSv1 calls "Server Backup Drives" for storage of files and folders.  I have 4 of these drives which I've given the drive letters F, G, H and I.  All 4 drives reside in an eSATA connected, 4-bay JBOD external box. To be clear, these drives are NOT part of the drive pool (Drive D:). 

    I went this route (after a few years) to get around the whole Advanced Format issue since WHSv1 does not force me to partition or format what it calls Backup drives.  All 4 drives were partitioned and formatted in Windows 7 prior to installation in WHSv1 and doubled checked in WHSv1 to confirm all were properly aligned.

    So now I have 4, what WHSv1 calls "Server Backup Drives" with a total of 8 TB of DATA on them.  NONE of this space is being used for backup. They do however contain lots of multimedia files and folders.

    Okay, that's the background.

    For obvious reasons, I created several Symbolic Links on Drive F which point to folders on drives G, H and I. Note that NONE of the Symbolic Links reside on, or point to, the WHSv1 pooled Drive D (i.e. drive extender drive). All Symbolic Links were created using Sysinterals Junction.exe command. Example: Junction "F:\ExtB1\Videos E1\TV Series" "I:\ExtB4\Videos E4\TV Series"

    I'm assuming I won't have any issues whatsoever since none of my WHSv1 Symbolic Links reside on, or point to files or folders located on the Drive Pool drive (drive D:).


    Thursday, November 20, 2014 3:31 PM