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  • In the accounts entity i have a field called licence. I have a custom entity 'new_Mandate'. There is only one active record in new_mandate for each record in accounts. new_mandate has a field called new_licence which is a look up to accounts. On the accounts form, can i show a quick view form from new_mandate either by hovering over a field, or by clicking a button?

    if so can some explain in simple to follow instructions how to do it


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    Saturday, February 8, 2014 5:58 PM


  • From what is sounds like, Mandate is a child record of Account. So assuming you are running CRM 2014 you can use the Quick View form to show related data. But if the Mandate record is indeed a child record, you would have to do so in the form of a sub-grid on the Quick View form - even though there is only 1 record you aren't able to display something like the first records of potentially many. 

    So if you go under the Mandate forms in the Customizations area you can create a new Quick View form, you can add a sub-grid from the Insert tab. From there you can choose the related entity, view, etc... Then on your Account form you can add a Quick View form from the Insert tab and then reference the Lookup field, related entity, etc...

    If you truly want data from a child record in fields on the parent, you might be better off creating the extra field and using a workflow to populate them. Alternatively you could go as far as creating an HTML/JavaScript web resource that displayed the information as well and do so dynamically and without creating extra fields.

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    Saturday, February 8, 2014 6:51 PM