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  • To start, I got a virus a while back that... Its infected all but one system from use of a Pen drive. This virus was the Spy-net (server.exe) virus. To fix, I ended up wiping the hard drive and reinstalling windows. This fixed the problem. Did the same on all other systems. problem fixed. A friend then got it from the use of my pen drive. :( so I had to wipe his drives and reinstall windows as well. His DvD drive was going out so it would not work long enough to install, so I put his drive in my pc. Note, I have vista home on my pc, he had XP home. I then used the disk to start the pc and deleted and formated his drive. when done I put the drive back in his machine. started my pc as normal. Got a error about windows files not compatible. Forget the exact message.. Ended up just deleting and formating my drive AGAIN.. Ever since when I am installing something my pc temperarily locks up and all windows say not responding when I click on them. after a while its starts working. It does this several times while installing. when no installs are running everything is fine. Today the issue is getting worse, I'm having trouble getting things to install at all. Note, I believe that virus I got attacked some ram I had installed in my machine. it was kingston 2 gigs. My pc is a dell inspiron 531 wal mart special. :( After I bought it I order a new Nvidia Video card and a amd dual core 4800+ the replace the ____ it came with. I later added the ram. The ram worked fine for 4+ months before all this happened. The ram no longer works, I have even tried removing the dell ram and using only the kingston, the ps will not boot, yes I moved it into the right spot when I removed the dell. The kingston is bad now, no biggie, end note :) Also I have redone the hard drive several more times since, even tried another drive, still same issue. I have even put the orginal cpu back in, problem is still their.


    Could this be, a bad installer shield? Its not a bad copy of windows, checked that, its fine trust me :).

    Thanks in advance for any help.



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