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  • Hi,
     please any body provid  your views on this, if you come across this issue or known about this issue.
    i have specified my requirement,report designing and problem below.
    requirement and report desiging:
    i have to design the report by adding one extra feiled along with dispaly fields. with field value as "review", the use of this is in the report output the user click on this "review", the status field value of corresponding row need be change from 1 to 2( this is indicated that the row has reviewed) and reflected in the report output.
    in the same way have to display "reviewall" on the top of report header corner,and when user click on this the status feild value need to be update for all rows from 1 to 2(this is indication of all the rows are reviewd) and reflected in the report output.

    In this i have used three datasets.
     the first dataset is used to display the records in report output  with the follwing feilds(tid,glaccount,description,staus) from "xyz" table.
    the second dataset is created based on sp1(usage of this sp1 is updating status feild value of xyz table to 2 from 1 for a pertcilar  row(i.e. based on tid,glaccount values fo that row))
    the third dataset is created based on sp2(usage of this sp2 is updating all status feild values of value xyz table to 2 from 1)
    i  have desinged the report like below.
    for review status label value "Review",i have given jump to report action with the same reort name(i.e.self calling report),the use of this one is, if user click on this "review" the same report being called and second dataset i.e. sp1 executed by taking input parameter values as tid,glaccount of that perticular lineitem to change the status feild value to 2 and the same displyed in the report output also.(note:  intially sp1 executed some default values i.e tid=0,glaccount=0 ,later these were ouverride with lineitem values).
    For the "reviewall" also did the same thing (i.e. self calling report),but here the user click on this the third dataset i.e sp3 executed by taking input parameters (these are same as used for first dataset) to change the status feild value for all rows to 2 and disaply the same on the report output.
    sample report output is looks like below:
    Reportname Is abc        Reviewall
    2001 112 abc 1 review
    2002 115 abc 1 review
    2003 118 abc 1 review
    2004 119 abc 1 review

    if i click on the "reviewall" the same report execution(i.e self calling) is done succussfully and sp3(third dataset) updated all status feild values  to 2. but these values reflected in report output some times  and also not reflecting some times(but status is feild values are updating in the backend table properly),incase of not reflecting we have to refresh manyally to see the updated status values in report output.
    my question is why this is happening means why it is not picking latest data for every excution of report(i.e. some times reflected but some times not) where as for the line litem i.e for "review" it is picking latest data and displaying same on the report output with  out fail for every time.
    so why the updated values are reflecting for line items with out fail and not for all rows at a time(i.e.for reviewall).
    actually i wanted to be dispaly updated status values allways for "reviewall" also like "review".
    i was just wondering  about how the ssrs tool is functionating,can you please any one help me on this.
    Monday, September 12, 2011 4:12 PM

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  • You can trobul shoot this issue by setting the dataset executions in sequence..
    Monday, November 14, 2011 6:51 AM