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  • Thanks Donna for your valuable inputs. This was the small issue. I have not focus on it whereas I was focusing on logs,event viewer and traces and found the errors in trace file when clicked on email 'view in crm'.

    Actually, we are migrating crm 2011 to crm 2013 and crm 2013 to crm 2015. Even with outlook crm 2011 to outlook crm client 2015.

    Trace error is coming with crm 2013 and crm 2015 outlook client. Even we are not able to configure crm 2015 with our customization organization whereas default organization is successfully configured with crm 2015 outlook client.

    With crm 2013 outlook client our customization organization is successfully configured and issues has been resolved.

    Issue is with just enable the fields on email forms using JS.

    Thanks Donna for your valuable suggestion even I know that but it does not strike in my mind.

    Could you please help me on below issue while configure with crm 2015 outlook client with customization organization. Here is the details :

    Invalid Argument

    context at Microsoft.Crm.Metadata.MetadataCache.GetInstance(IOrganizationContext context)

      at Microsoft.Crm.Application.ControlDescriptor.get_Metadata()

      at Microsoft.Crm.Application.FormDescriptor.GetChildColumns()

      at Microsoft.Crm.Application.FormDescriptor.AddHiddenControls(EntityMetadata entityMetadata)

      at Microsoft.Crm.Application.FormDescriptor.InitializeObjectModel(XmlNode formNode, EntityMetadata entityMetadata, FormType formType)

      at Microsoft.Crm.Application.FormDescriptor.Initialize(EntityMetadata entityMetadata, XmlNode formXml, Guid formId, FormType formType)

      at Microsoft.Crm.Application.FormDescriptor..ctor(EntityMetadata entityMetadata, XmlNode formXml, Guid formId, FormType formType, Boolean isUserForm, Boolean isActive, IOrganizationContext context)

      at Microsoft.Crm.Application.Forms.FormDescriptorLoader.LoadCacheData(FormDescriptorCacheKey key, IOrganizationContext context)

      at Microsoft.Crm.Caching.CrmMultiOrgCacheBase`2.CreateEntry(TKey key, IOrganizationContext context)

      at Microsoft.Crm.Caching.CrmSharedMultiOrgCache`2.LookupEntry(TKey key, IOrganizationContext context)

      at Microsoft.Crm.Application.Outlook.Config.OutlookConfigurator.InitializeMapiStoreForFirstTime()

      at Microsoft.Crm.Application.Outlook.Config.OutlookConfigurator.Configure(IProgressEventHandler progressEventHandler)

      at Microsoft.Crm.Application.Outlook.Config.ConfigEngine.Configure(Object stateInfo)

    Vivek gupta

    Tuesday, December 29, 2015 6:21 AM

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    • First, ensure you have completely uninstalled the CRM for Outlook 2013 client before attempting to install CRM for Outlook 2015.  
    • Uninstall the CRM for Outlook program and then delete the MSCRM folder under the logged in user's Microsoft directory.  
    • C:\Users\<userName>\AppData\Local\Microsoft
    • Ensure all windows credentials related to the CRM website are removed.  
    • http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/remove-stored-passwords-certificates-and-other-credentials
    • Add the CRM url to trusted sites
    • Log into CRM using a browser from the machine where you plan to install CRM for Outlook using the credentials of the user.
    • Download the CRM for Outlook 2015 client and try the install and configuration.  

    Regards, Donna

    Tuesday, December 29, 2015 5:32 PM