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  • To the Microsoft team;


    I've copied this to a few friends as I have now waited again and surpassed the queue hours for the support that I need and you have failed to provide.


    Friends, colleagues, fellow students, and family members: If for any reason you are looking for a professional web development suite, at this time I cannot recommend Microsoft. Please read the information below and please take the time to let Microsoft and anyone else know about this issue.


    Don't let another home, small business, or student user run into this type of issue where it could impact their life, business, or school directly.



    --- On Fri, 4/26/13, kevin weck

    From: kevin weck

    Subject: Re: [REG:113041310363767] Pro/Expression Web 4.0 EN/cannot get into the Web 4 or Web 4 superview. Initial Response
    To: Date: Friday, April 26, 2013, 9:47 PM

    My name is Kevin Weck,

    My RS number is 113041310363767.


    I originally called on 4/18/2013.


    I am calling about the Expressions Web 4 product you supposedly support.


    I called in on the 18th and was told someone would call me but I needed to provide a credit card number for a tune of $250.00 of an issue; I was quoted a 2 hour turn around time. After waiting the required 2 hours I called back to find that the department I needed had already closed but that I had a critical issue and someone would call me in 24 hours - so I waited (on my only time off for the week I may ad. I am a full time student and help run a day care full time as well, and am a husband and father, and support my community with more than 20 hours a week... so lets add this time up ... 18 hours in classes (this doesn't include homework time). 40+business hours+20 family hours+ 6 volunteer hours = 84 hours in a week where I am not available).


    When I am given a time promise I expect it to be kept. It was not - so I called in again only to be told that the previous information for both calls was incorrect and that no one would be with me until Monday. Monday I did get a call and when I told the person on the phone I couldn't talk (I was in class and tried to tell them that) all they wanted to know is if I was available or if I could give them a better time to call. I said no not right now. Then they asked more questions. The funny thing about being in school and at work etc... I am also not at my computer at those times.


    I then waited for another call. Didn't get one. Did see an email from Ifram about getting back with him to let him know when a good time is to call. When I called back I got voicemail stating that he was on the phone - I left a message. The next day I got another email asking when a good time was - I called and left a message. I waited today and yesterday and no call. So I called back today and got the same message that he was on the phone.


    I decided then to contact the team lead, got the same voicemail message. Decided to contact the team manager. Got the same message. Called in to general support as per his email.


    Was told I was in the wrong queue and got transferred. In this queue I was told again that everyone was busy and someone would call me back. I clarified your working hours and when I mentioned that the queue would be closed I was assured that I had a critical case and that someone would be giving me a call on the weekend. I then informed Marian (pleasant person but was unable to help due to policy issues and people availability) that Expressions wasn't supported over the weekend any longer... She then verified this and said that she really wished she could connect me to an engineer but was unable to because no one was available.


    So almost 10 days later I am in the same boat as I was in on the 18th, my school work has been impacted, my job and volunteer time has been impacted, and my family time has been impacted. I thought that Microsoft was a world-class support operation for its products and programs. I didn't realize that this is only true for big businesses and that your average person doesn't apply in this scenario.


    I hope the powers that be realize that 70% of the people who make business choices are the same people who try to use these products at home and make some business changes to support the voice of all customers. Microsoft would reap many benefits from doing this.


    Then I thought Hey I'll try to use the online tools and see what happens. I tried to get to the support page for Essentials and guess what I couldn't get in so I followed the instructions that popped up because active x was required. I followed the instructions to the T and now the page loads blank. Really helpful that. One more way not to be able to get help or support from Microsoft.


    oh and according  to your website all "Instant Chat Customer Service Agents OFFLINE" but it says I can leave a message, and we all already know where that has gotten me.


    And to top it off it is damned impossible to get contact to any of the escalations teams.


    Seriously dissatisfied and wishing I had a purchase of Dreamweaver instead right at this moment,


    Devalued customer RS number 113041310363767 formerly known as Kevin Weck



    --- On Mon, 4/15/13, Irfan Khan (Aditi Technologies Private LTD)

    "MSSolve Case Email" <casemail@microsoft.com>
    Date: Monday, April 15, 2013, 1:55 PM

    Hello Kevin,
    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Support.

    My name is Irfan Khan. I am the Support Professional who will be working with you on this Service Request.

    You may reach me using the contact information listed below, referencing the SR number 113041310363767.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


    Irfan Khan

    Developer Support Engineer | ASP.NET | Internet Information Services | Microsoft GTSC

    Phone: +1 (866) 425-7701 Ext-2336

    Working Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM PST| Mon -- Fri
    Technical Lead: Parashuram () |   P:  +1 (866) 4257701 Ext: 2660

    Team Manager: Vivek Mukherji () |P: +1 (866)–425-7701 Ext: 2188

    if you need immediate assistance and you are unable to contact me, please contact:

    For all professional cases: 1800 936 3100
    For all premier cases: 1800 936 5800

    Microsoft is committed to protecting your privacy. Please read the Microsoft Privacy Statement for more information.
    The above is an email for a support case from Microsoft Corp.
    REPLY ALL TO THIS MESSAGE or INCLUDE casemail@microsoft.com IN YOUR REPLY if you want your response added to the case automatically.  For technical assistance, please include the Support Engineer on the TO: line.
    Thank you.

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