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  • I have a C#/WPF app based on MVVM pattern. The app has a window with a tool bar. On clicking a button on this toolbar, I need to show a Window like a settings window. The toolbar button is bound to a command that should load the settings window. I have designed the  WPF settings window. The user will be able to select some settings(preferences) from this second window. This I understand is not like page navigation but loading the window. When the settings window is displayed the main window will be in the background. How I can I do this from the ViewModel of the main window. Below is some existing code:

    <ToolBarTray Grid.Row="0" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top" Height="auto">
            <ToolBar Name="MyToolbar" BorderThickness="1"    >
                    <Button   x:Name="SettingsButton"  Command="{Binding LoadSettingsCommand}">
                        <Image Source="options.ico"  ></Image>
    public class MyViewModel : INotifyPropertyChanged
            private ICommand _loadSettingsCmd;
    	public ICommand LoadSettingsCommand
                    if (null == _loadSettingsCmd) { _loadSettingsCmd = new MyRelayComman(param => this.LoadToDoSettings(), null); }
                    return _loadSettingsCmd;
                    _loadSettingsCmd = value;
    	public MyViewModel()
    		  _loadSettingsCmd = new MyRelayCommand(param => this.LoadToDoSettings(), null);
    	private void LoadToDoSettings()
                // Load Settingg window
    I am able to  reach the LoadSettings() method when clicking the toolbar button. How can I display the window. I saw some examples that load usercontrol in similar scenario. Can we load normal WPF window like a modal window as needed in this example?

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