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    This is not a gripe about WHS; I think that it is a solid program. Please don’t read this as a rant.  I am mainly looking for direction and plan on posting this message elsewhere to gather input.


    That being said, I am frustrated with what happened with licensing on this product and my experience w/ MS. This is coming from a person who has always enjoyed their products and have been a loyal consumer or their technology.


    Long story short, I have a Windows Home Server “DVD” box, with 3 discs in it, and some literature, including a license. None of these items had any OEM stickers or the word OEM written anywhere. There was nothing on the packaging or installation disk and nothing about OEM was mentioned in the licensing agreement.


    Specifically line 12 in the paper certificate that was included with my software explicitly stated that the software could be uninstalled and reinstalled on a new server.


    After installation the license/EULA that appears in the WHS Settings GUI is an OEM license has been modified on line 12 to read that the license is locked in with the machine.  And the license says OEM.


    The reason I am frustrated is that I am now locked into the initial installation on the this box where prior to installation I thought that I had a reasonable degree of flexibility to experiment on developing the right platform.


    I had an old box available, so I added a 1tb main drive and a 500gb drive that I had laying around. I installed some high cfm fans since this would reside in a closet with my other “headless” hardware.  The box is has a 2.0ghz Athlon 3000+ cpu and 1gb of DDR400 RAM, and 4 SATA ports.  It runs fairly cool with the new fans cranking plenty of air through the box.


    The plan was to upgrade the CPU and Motherboard to support 6 or more SATA 3GB ports, a better FSB, and a multi-core processor, along with 2GB of better RAM if Add-ins started to bog down the current box, or if I felt that file transfer speed wasn’t sufficient.  More importantly I wanted a dynamic upgradable box at least 6TB of storage tied directly to SATA ports on the motherboard instead of using PCI slots.  I set up that I am currently locked in with has very limited options for upgrade.


    I have done a few “stress” tests and have ok file transfer speeds. I get 10MB/s on single large file transfers, and 5MB/s on large multiple file transfers (including 2 concurrent large multiple file transfers)


     If line 12 on the license that came with my software had read any differently I would have purchased new RAM, a new motherboard, and a new CPU and installed them in the current box before installing the software.


    Thank you

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009 6:15 PM

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  • Well, Windows Home Server is currently only available as an OEM/Systembuilder product. This means usually, that the product is bound to the machine, on which it is installed (besides that this is often the statement also for other Microsoft OS).

    The practical experience on the other side shows, that it is possible, to swap main components like motherboard and CPU and so create basically a new machine, perform a server installation again (or a reinstall) and activate either via Internet or via telephone. So while some platform changing is not explicitely covered in the license, it is technically possible and you will not be hunted down or unable to use the product, as long as the license is only installed on one system.
    (All statements regarding licensing are according to my best knowledge and may or may not be in context with the view of Microsoft.)
    Best greetings from Germany
    Wednesday, March 18, 2009 7:27 PM
  • Thank you for the reply. I will give it a try down the line--especially if my hardware starts to fail. 

    If there is only 1 license it makes no sense to print an official license that says exactly the opposite and package it with the software...
    Thursday, March 19, 2009 4:24 PM