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  • Lately I have been running into an issue where depending on the Users set business role the CRM button in Outlook will disappear.

    When I create a new user I'll assign that person for example to the "Front Office" business unit with the "Secretary" security role. When I go to install Outlook plugin I will temporarily give them the admin privilege so that I can connect the CRM server when Outlook syncs. Once that's done Outlook opens they can view it just fine. I remove the system admin privilege and restart Outlook. When Outlook opens all traces of the CRM are gone. I go into the add-ins menu and it shows the CRM is enabled and is set to load on open.

    I will go back into the user record change the business unit to the organizational level and the button reappears in Outlook. I change the business unit back and it disappears. Maybe it's not the business unit causing the issue and it's some other underlying problem but that's where I am finding the relationship.

    Has anyone ran into this problem, or know the solution to it? Even when I assign the organizational level business unit to the user though an error message pops up every time I click on a new entity. I click send report and the page still loads fine every time. I also don't think it is the security roll itself because other people in a different business unit have the same roll and are having no issues.

    Thanks for any help,

    Edit* I just did a test on an older user that has been using the system for awhile. I set that user to the "Front Office" business unit and the "Secretary" security role. The CRM still shows up just fine in their Outlook. It only seems to happen to people that we are just for the first time installing the CRM for Outlook on their computer. But we can't seem to get the buttons to stay visible with the security roll and business unit they should be assigned to. 
    Thursday, June 13, 2013 5:01 PM