wmic path Win32_DiskDrive only finds first 8 drives RRS feed

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  • I use: wmic path Win32_DiskDrive get PNPDeviceID, Manufacturer, SerialNumber, DeviceID

    and on some systems with more than 8 drives, I only see the first 8. Is there some other method that will see more?

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    Wednesday, December 13, 2017 5:55 PM

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  • Run this PowerShell command at a PowerShell prompt:

    Get-WmiObject Win32_DiskDrive |
      Select-Object PNPDeviceID, Manufacturer, SerialNumber, DeviceID |

    (The command can be put all on one line if you like)

    Do you see the same disks?

    If so, then that's all the data that WMI class is returning.

    -- Bill Stewart [Bill_Stewart]

    Wednesday, December 13, 2017 6:29 PM
  • System is running WinPE so not sure if PowerShell is there or not. I believe this is all the WMI class is returning, but there are more drives and I need the PHYSICALDRIVE8 or whatever in order to access the drive for a particular purpose. I can see the drive and a few more that all work fine. diskpart also sees only these 8 drives. I can't figure out why is different about the rest. Some are the same P/N. I'm just thinking there are only 8 supported by WMI for some reason...
    Wednesday, December 13, 2017 7:57 PM
  • Whether WinPE or not, Win32_DiskDrive returns what it returns.

    -- Bill Stewart [Bill_Stewart]

    Wednesday, December 13, 2017 8:31 PM
  • All drivers for the attached drives must be installed and loaded before diskpart or WMI can see them.

    Older versions of PE may not see newer drive types.


    Wednesday, December 13, 2017 8:42 PM