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  • Hello. I am having a bit of trouble in regards to the Xbox One controller.

    I am developing a piece of software that uses the Xbox One Controller as the HID to control Synths in Ableton using Max For Live. I have created most of the core components but I am having trouble with the triggers on the controller. Every button has it's own 'path'. For example:

    0 = Left Stick Up/Down
    4 = Left Stick Left/Right

    However, the two Left/Right triggers both use the same path, being 8.

    If I hold down the Left Trigger, I get a count-up from 32767 to 65408.
    If I hold down the Right Trigger, I get a count-down from 32767 to 127.

    The problem that I have is that if I am holding down the left trigger (counting to 65408) and then hold down the right trigger with it, I get a result of 32767 - the triggers are not separate.

    If anyone is familiar with Max MSP / Max For Live I am using the route object to split each function into their own objects, but I cannot seem to get the two triggers to talk separately. Is there a way to force the right trigger from an 8 to an 80 for example?

    Any help would be great

    Thank You

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