excel function fails when a pass a NAME (of a row) instead of the cell address RRS feed

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  • Excel 2010


    I named 3 non-adjacent rows as “Row1”, “Row2” and “Row3”


    I used the following formula to get the middle of 3 numbers in a column:

    = LARGE( (Row1, Row2, Row3), 2 )


    I entered the function in cell G10, the same column where the information is as follows :


    Row1 = 0

    Row2 = 35



    And the result is : 45, instead of 35.


    If I use the cell addresses where the information is located, instead of the row NAMES, example:  G1, G3, G5

    The result is the right one: 35


    It looks like Excel is not resolving right the cell value when I use the row NAMES I created.


    I appreciate your feedback. 

    Friday, March 14, 2014 9:35 AM