Genuine Advantage wants to access internet on start up RRS feed

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  • I bought a new computer about six weeks ago and installed a new sealed copy of XP SP2 on it that I bought on Ebay, did all the up dates and everything without any problems. (It's along story why I did this.) Now, about 5-6 weeks after all this and all the routine updates, whenever I boot up, my firewall - V-Comm system suite 7 - tells me that Genuine Advtantage wants to connect to Quite frankly, I'm reluctant to allow this. I don't like programs accessing the internet without my permission so I've been saying no on a case by case basis. I just don't see why GA should need to contact the site EVERY time. The one or two times I've allowed it, nothing has happened so it's not like it's told me I don't have a valid copy of Windows. I would assume that if that were the case, I would have been told some time ago, (say when I valididated during the install or many updates.) I appreciate MS concerns about piracy etc and have no problem with it running before doing an up date, but EVERY time I boot up? Something seems wrong.

    Anyway, is this normal? I've never noticed this on my previous XP machine nor do I see it on my computer at work, which also runs XP (or maybe it's because GA has/had automatic access on both, I don't know.)

    What will happen if I just say no everytime or tell my firewall to automatically not allow it?

    Or is this malware or a virus masquerading as GA?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Sunday, September 2, 2007 1:13 PM