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  • Hello,

    The new forums seem to be nice, but the e-mails sent by Windows Live Alerts are nearly null

    I received that
    You have received the following alert from MSDN Forums provided by Windows Live Alerts Service

    Another user, TaylorMichaelL, has replied to a forums thread you have subscribed to!

    Thread Title Problems with Solution Folders
    Started by: David Williams

    The Microsoft Developer Network

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    Which thread ?
    Which forum ?

    I've gone to My Alerts page : empty

    That's useless

    I hope that is because of the start of these forums

    Frankly, for the alerts, could you do a rollback ?

    I like VC# so i'm sometimes posting
    But in comparison, i prefer the way of management of the alerts on the Sql Server Forums. Maybe less innovator, but more readable and comprehensive

    Have a nice day
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    Monday, June 2, 2008 1:03 PM

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  • Hello,

    Here is a clever way for the Windows Alerts :

    Alerts from Microsoft Forums
    There's a new post in a Forums thread you are tracking !

    Re: Those darn connection strings from C# application
    Posted by Ireland94 in SQL Server Express

    Sadly, the connection string you provided does not work


    @"Server=AMERICAN-27A681\SQLEXPRESS;Database=MARS;Trusted_Connection=Yes; User Instance=True"


    I have also tried to (1) add new "administrator" priviledge account to computer (2) login as new with new account (3) add database and table with new account (4) added login to SQL Express logins (5) attempt to use new table with the connection string.


    I still get the same message about login failed as per my original message.


    I am stumped at this point.


    SQL Server Manangement Studio Express works fine.


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    Everything is usefull :
    the subject of the thread
    the name of the poster ( and date time )
    the name of the forum
    and the link to the thread

    I would want a quick answer :
    is this way depending of the forum ( Sql Server Express ) or of the fact it is the new version of the forum ?

    If it's depending of the owner of the forum, how can i tell him/her that new way is useless ?

    If it depends the fact the forum has moved , could you do patch for that ?
    It's already enough painful to change moved,not moved forums, when i'm trying to help posters, i don't want to loose time for that

    Now, there is a good grumbling about the frequent logs out or an error has been logged on the Sql Server Forums , this morning ( for me ) 3 tries to send a post ...
    I consider that's useless to begin a new thread about that, the only answer i've got ( except grumbling posters ) is a silence near absolute ( except from the poor Doreen Allen  who is always trying to calm everybody , thanks to her )

    In case you would be interested, no log out problem on the moved forums ( i can't miss to give you a greetings )

    Have a nice day

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    Tuesday, June 3, 2008 9:14 AM
  • We're working on some improvements (some of the ones you suggested) in an upcoming release. Details in Sam's post here.
    Forums Product Planner, Andrew.Brenner at
    Thursday, June 19, 2008 6:32 PM