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    My name is Ionut Miclea and I have a problem with the windows prefetch. I am hopping that you can help me solve it because I can’t find anything helpful on the web.


    My problem is that I have to deliver an application to a company that has an obsessed problem with security. I am deploying my application with a setup kit. I am executing the setup and installing the application on Windows XP SP2 under an Administrator account. After the setup is finished I have to log off and log on as a normal user. It is not possible to start the application as a normal user. With FileMon we discovered that the application is trying to use data from folder C:\Windows\Prefetch.


    We have two posibilities to work arround this issue. As a first fix we have to start first the aplication as Administrator and after that log off and log back on as normal user. Then the aplication works. As a second fix we have to explicitly set read and write permisions for that user to the folder C:\Windows\Prefetch. Then the aplication also works.


    None of the two fixes presented abowe are acceptable. I have searched the web for the cause of the problem but I couldn’t find one. If you have a solution for this problem please help me.



    Ionut Miclea

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