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  • I will agree. Tonight I first started chatting with a help tech... They said to contact a tech from this page.  I did only way was to have them call me.  They called I told them my story which will be at the bottom of this message.  I then got transfered 8 more times to someone who said at the end I have this great number where they can help your issue which was the number that called me to begin the list of 9 total techs that I spoke with.  Trully this is staggering.  I havn't had many issues with my apple products but every time I call they can QUICKLY either fix my issue with first one or maybe transfer me once to get it fixed.  Granted I know microsoft is big.... but come on guys spend some money on making this more seemless for your customers.  I at this point hate that I "upgraded" to windows 10 and wish I had a windows 7 disk to go backward.

    Story is as follows for microsoft people who "might" want to help.

    I bought a game from your app store 3 weeks or so ago.  I today bought some instore credit for the game.  Following almost imediately after the game started having issues.  I said ok uninstall reinstall.  so I did figuring this would fix the issue.  well it sort of did.... but lost all my game information and my credits I just bought.  So with this said im out money and a decent game.  So im done with windows 10 at the moment and your online store.  Will likely go toward mac in the future because windows 7 and prior(not all excellent) worked windows 10 seems to be cloud based and seems to have major issues.  Wish yall luck with it...

    Wednesday, October 14, 2015 11:55 PM